Why restricting a dog to a crate is wrong

I hate my dog, so I decided to limit it. I won’t leave her out during the day. I will not subject her to a fresh breeze, to the birds that sing in the trees, to the cats that run through my yard, or I will force her to hear the sounds of children playing on the beach.

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Several dog experts have determined that my dog ​​will be much happier in a cage during the day. I am told that it is natural for dogs to spend their time in the day, and in this way she will feel safe if she is allowed freedom. The chest will simply be large enough to turn over, but not large enough to stand up and defect or urinate if necessary.

They think my dog ​​will be much better in my house, locked in a crate.

Dogs are not living animals, and crates are not natural

When dogs are wild, the only time they use horns is when they are raising their puppies. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas in The Hidden Life of Dogs talks about digging a day with her dogs. This is not normal behavior. She recently moved to a new state, the dogs were locked up for the first time and there were several other changes in the household. The dogs were upset and hid like newborn puppies.

Why do experts recommend the use of crates? Maybe it’s because people are too lazy to own a dog. Chests are comfortable, but not natural things that all dogs accept.

Yes, most dogs can be convinced that it is good to be limited to a crate. There are crate companies that now sell crates to look like furniture, and of course, they tell you that it’s a good idea to lock your puppy as soon as the company comes. Why do training? Just leave the dog and fix the problem.

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After a while, they will drop the complaint and will not even ask to be released. This allows people who restrict their dogs to think they are doing well.

Most people in prisons also return to their cells when told.

Are the crates better on the outside?

There are many people on the Internet who claim to be experts. They recommend that all dogs be groomed when the owner is out of the house.

Locking your boyfriend away can prevent her from chewing on your new shoes and preventing her from urinating on your carpet, but it also does training, taking it behind, or leaving it outside.

Most people in the United States think it is wrong to leave a dog outside during the day. Those who cannot afford day care for dogs, as well as the majority, are told that it is good to lock a dog in a crate during the day. It’s not all right.

I don’t really hate my dog. I used a crate to train her with pots when she was seven weeks old, but as soon as she realized that the house would not be used for a bathroom, I threw the crate in the trash.

(It was just a cardboard box, so I just added it to my compost pile. If you want to shoe your puppy with a crate, use a cardboard box and do it in five days. You won’t be tempted to keep it in the garage and use it again.)

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Nor will I condemn anyone who uses a crate in all situations. This is wrong. An open door container can be a safe place to sleep, and if your dog doesn’t have a table to lie on when the company arrives, an open crate is an alternative.

A container with a closed door can be a safe way to move a dog.

However, if you lock the cage and lock a dog inside the house when you go to work or have fun, this is not correct. Your dog does not deserve such treatment.

Please think before you take the advice there.

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It could be wrong.