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Looking for forex trading tips? Forex trading can be a great way to consistently earn and diversify your trading portfolio. But if you are a beginner in trading – you will probably need a few guidelines to ensure that you start your forex career with your right foot.

It is crucial that applying these tips in practice can help you improve your existing trading skills, as well as potentially learn something new.

We have compiled the 10 most important tips for forex trading for 2021, which we believe are worth your attention.

Tip 1: Understanding the Forex market

We must emphasize how important it is to understand the forex market well before you risk your own funds. By taking the time to educate yourself about things like currency pairs, expansion and leverage – you could save a lot of stress and money in the long run.

As such, in the opening section of our forex trading tips page, we’ve listed some of the most important things to understand before you go.

Currency pairs

Each currency pair consists of 2 different currencies. The value of each pair is, therefore, based on the exchange rate of two currencies.

As an example, let’s use EUR / USD. In this currency pair, the EUR is the “base currency” and the USD is the “quota currency”. This will be the case no matter what currency you use.

Forex orders

Orders allow you to enter or exit a store that interests you. These orders fall into 2 categories which are “purchase orders” and “sale orders”. Simply put, a buy order indicates that you think a currency pair will increase in value, and a sell order means the opposite.


  • Let’s say your currency pair is EUR / USD and the value is EUR 1.1334 
  • You can doubt that the EUR will rise against the USD, so in that case you can issue a purchase order to your broker


In short, each forex trade consists of two separate prices – the purchase price and the sale price. The difference between these two prices is what is known as expansion. It is important to have a basic understanding of prayers, because this is an invaluable part of your journey in the forex market.

  • For example, suppose the purchase price is 1.1335 and the sale price is 1.1330.
  • 1.1334 (buy) – 1.1330 (sell) = 0.0004 ( Points ).
  • In this case, the spread is 0.0004, which is the difference between the purchase and sale price.


Basically, leverage is borrowed capital that is used to multiply your potential returns and represents a large part of trading for profit. When you open an account with your forex broker, you will probably be offered leverage.